Scrubber Dryer/Drier Floor Cleaner

There are so many different names for a floor cleaning machine I think we have heard them all. Floor scrubber, floor buffer, scrubber drier, scrubber dryer…the list goes on.

Not to worry, please give us at Rokserv a call and we can explain all. Its not as scary as you think.

If you have a hard floor that is dirty then you will probably need a Scrubber Drier, this is a machine that has a large tank of clean water to which you can add a chemical. This is scrubber on to the floor by a brush or a pad and then sucked up at the rear. This should leave the floor clean and dry in one pass. There are many different chemicals as well as varying pads and brushes so you can tailor these to give you the best results.

Rokserv specialise in the industrial floor cleaning machinery sales, service hire and repair. We are best known for our association with the Wetrok brand of floor cleaning machines