Wetrok floor cleaning machines-New and Old

Wetrok are best known for manufacturing floor cleaning machines that have ease of use, superb build quality and best of all longevity. I do not know any other manufacturer of floor cleaning machines and equipment that combines these three attributes. Wetrok products are never cheap but they do provide you with value. If you look at he costs over the service life of a Wetrok scrubber drier it is many times less than that off the budget model that looked so attractive at the time.

We still look after machines that are coming up for 20 years old ! The still work as they should and parts are mostly still available.

Some people are daunted by a Wetrok scrubber drier, they think its over complicated and difficult to repair. Not so… when you look at the clever design and the quality of the components you soon realise the integrity of the design and how it helps the service engineer.

At Rokserv we have the knowledge to help you, if you need a spare part or a technical drawing we have them to hand. We carry a huge stock of spares and are in constant contact with the factory in Switzerland so we are kept up to date with all of the latest improvements and news.

We carry spare parts for the following Wetrok models, Wetrok Triomatic 813, Duomatic 800, 700, 650, 550, 500, S43. S50, C43, C50, C60, Servo 43 KA, 430E, 430B, Samba, Mambo, Tango, Sprinter Xr90, Easy Rider S90, Kerwit Sweepers, Monovac vacuum cleaners, Twinvacs etc etc

If you unsure what you need please call us or contact us via the webpage.