iMatic XR85.

Wetrok iMatic XR85 | Industrial Scrubber Dryer Machine

Wetrok iMatic XR85 | Industrial Scrubber Dryer Machine

“The new Scrubber dryer from Wetrok. The high cost of your floor cleaning will magically start to shrink at the touch of a button.”

Total control of every function of cleaning is at your fingertips with the “Touch N Go” touch screen panel, and navigating the most difficult areas is effortless with Wetrok’s Smart Drive System.

Total control
With the industry’s first Touch N Go touch screen control panel, you can start cleaning at the touch of a button.

  • Perfect cleaning results, with minimum power consumption.
  • Instant communication with the operator prevents costly breakdowns.

Unmatched Manoeuvrability
With Wetrok’s new Smart Drive System turning in tight spaces is effortless, saving you time when cleaning confined areas.

  • The operator keeps control in crowded environments.
  • Electronic steering prevents operator fatique or injuries that can occur with traditional mechanical steering systems.

Simply Sophisticated
With its sophisticated design the iMatic XR85 is simple to operate and highly reliable even in the toughest conditions.

  • Three point squeegee requires no adjustment for a perfect water pickup every time.
  • With 30% fewer parts than other machines, operating and costs are considerably reduced.


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