Speedmatic Twister.

Wetrok Speedmatic Twister | Industrial Sweepers

Wetrok Speedmatic Twister | Industrial Sweepers

“The Speedmatic Twister is speedy and compact – and it sweeps over an impressive width of 780 mm. In spite of its light weight it has everything you could wish for, even including a battery charger. The battery activates the sidebrooms, the rotating cylindrical brush and the vacuuming system and gives you a powerful drive.”


  • More cleaning in less time
  • Polyester filter for damp sweepings
  • AttractiBattery power means low noise and no emissions


  • Easy to manoeuvre, even in corners and confined spaces
  • Battery charging unit included as part of the sweeper


  • Compact push sweeper for narrow passages and confined forecourts
  • Maximum performance for the price
  • Needs little servicing, is practically always ready to use

Can also be used indoors
The Speedmatic Twister can be adapted for use with a carpet brush. This means it is capable of sweeping textile floor coverings, and it can clean even large areas without any problem.

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